Thanks so much for visiting Happy Minds Australia! We are a Brisbane based child, family, adolescent and adult clinical psychology and counselling service.

Work TogetherAt Happy Minds, we give you and your family the skills you need build a strong foundation for happiness. Our evidence-based approaches are known to increase resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and to help people flourish in various areas of their life (friendships, school/work, family etc.).

Helping you to pursue happiness. All Happy Minds psychologists are strong believers in positive psychology. This means we not only aim to help you find solutions to problems but we take it a step further – we will also help you to learn ways to make yourself happier. Feeling pretty good already? We have ideas to help you feel even better!

We offer a holistic approach. Our goal is to help children, teenagers and adults achieve successes in all areas of their lives. At Happy Minds we put in the extra effort and are available to liaise across medical, educational/work and other settings to help you achieve your goals.

Make an enquiry. We would love to hear from you! You can speak directly to one of our experienced psychologists who is more than happy to answer your questions about how Happy Minds can help. Please phone (07) 3366 7006 or or email info@happyminds.com.au to make an enquiry.

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